Since 2001, Alteatec has proven to be proficient in comprehensive IT, developing and operating future proof customised IT solutions in all areas.

With a portfolio of customers worldwide, Alteatec offers that local feel on a global scale specialising in Development, Network Administration and Security.

Alteatec has been an organisation that has built up over the years a strong reputation for its IT expertise as an independent Casino Management System provider and is now expanding further with soon to be opening new offices in Baltimore and the launch of their new product Paladix.


The time has come that our Serbian team moves to the new office. After two years our team in Serbia has now grown up to 34 team members and our old office became too small.

By establishing our own design team, we are now able to cover all the steps in the production process thus offering full client support. Our highly motivated and experienced team is ready to commit to your project.

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