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Our portfolio is the result of our vast experience in the gaming industry, including long-term relationships with our customers. We designed and built a software which can be adapted exclusively to our clients and due to our frontend and backoffice API framework the clients can amend the product by their liking. We believe that uniqueness is key.

Our understanding is that there has to be more than just a higher bonus to make a difference between yourself and your competitors. That is why each of our clients can get his product personalised, exactly in the way they want and need. This leads us to our products portfolio.


Over 13 years on the market with Igaming management systems with currently over 54 Developers working on it with clients from from ALL continents

Landbased Enabler

For us there is no Online / Offline Your online product will be fully integrated with your brick and mortar casino/sportsbetting player tracking system

No Cloud

Your Software – Your Data

Your Software is not somewhere on a provider Server (including your Data). It is installed where it should be: on your servers where you have control (if need be you can have it even on a Cruise ship)

Multi Jurisdiction


Your Igaming Management supports several Jurisdictions including US jurisdictions

Leading Innovation


Fully State of the ART IGaming Management System with Unique Features

IGAM Store

You choose the providers you want to have integrated (from a list or new ones). You even can have 2 or more sportsbooks running at the same time

Key facts of our IGaming Management System

Your Data is not somewhere in the “cloud´s” – you have your data exactly where you want it to be

  • In the location you want the data to be
  • Under your control on your own servers and
  • You can access even the database server any second

Develop your own frontends and/or IOS/Android apps or use our website templates for a quick start

Possibility of multiple installations – you can install the system wherever you want – even on a cruise ship

Game Areas we support (please see the list of integrations)

  • Casino Providers
  • Live Casino
  • Sports Providers
  • Fantasy Football
  • Lotto providers

Currencies and Payment Methods we support

  • We support any kind of currency – starting from all currencies traded at the New York Stock Exchange up to cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies
  • In regards to integrated payment methods please see the attached list of integrations

This is not just an online system – we merged the online with the landbased (offline) world. How did we do that

  • We connected our system with landbased player tracking systems plus added a seamless wallet experience
  • The player can deposit online and offline (online via a payment gateway or offline with putting cash into the terminal)
  • If the players puts cash into one of the terminals he can continue to play with the funds online or offline – and whatever he wins (no matter if it is - landbased or online) he can choose where to withdraw (online or offline)

"We know how to provide our customers with the right tools,

helping them to monitor and steer their success and giving them competitive edge."

IGaming Management System

Complete Online IGaming Suite

Our state-of-the-art, multi-core IGaming Management System is able to synchronise between numerous installations and handle different legislations. It is also able to act like a Game Store and enable high performance gaming clients to be installed on player machines. PHP, Phyton and Java technologies were used for the multi-language and multi-client web portal inclusive of the multi-core IGaming Management System.

The application offers a complete IGaming suite, enabling a seamless online gaming operation and day-to-day management and configuration. It covers all areas from CRM to a fully synchronised Player Management System, including a wide range of already integrated third party providers, etc., up to a complete affiliate solution.

Affiliate & Agent Solution

Solution for affiliate marketing

Our fully adaptable and easy to implement affiliate system platform and agent management solution, offers you full control and help you to achieve maximum results with your affiliate marketing strategy.

For more info please visit Altea Gaming website

FixIT Management

Optimum efficiency and security

As part of our IT outsourcing services, we assume responsibility for applications and your entire infrastructure.

This guarantees you seamless operation within the framework of the existing IT infrastructure right from the beginning.

We would gladly demonstrate in detail what we can do for your business, using our expertise and experience.

IOS & Android Development

Latest technology implementation

Our strength comes from everlasting wish to grow and change things for the better by using the latest technologies. It is up to you to take a step forward and rely on our team to create superior products in accordance with your requests.

Graphic & Print Design

Unique and responsive design

Our talented designers and developers strive to be creative and work on projects that are unique. We take responsive design and development to the edge and create really all-around products which can be accessed from everywhere with any device having browser..


Security specialists improve our software security by exposing vulnerabilities before any malicious attempts by third parties.
We use various methods and techniques, specially penetration tests, to test our software, network and implement best practices through patches that make it less vulnerable to malicious attempts such as DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, SQLi (SQL Injection), XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), etc.


The availability of our Outsourcing Services mean that you can have access to the skills you need, when you need them, without any of the associated overheads or fixed costs, and thus focus on the essence of things - on Your core business!
Very few businesses can afford to retain a full complement of skilled workers in every single area of business, especially highly skilled technical people which they don't require on full basis.
The answer, for many businesses, is to find external suppliers from time to time and form relationships with outside organisations who are able to draw on a pool of talent and deliver the skills that you need.
This is what makes our services a lasting answer to your problems, meeting your specific requirements.

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